Go for the perfect result with Floïd shaving products

The classic line of this Spanish brand offers a good moisturizing effect and of course convenience. As you would expect, all Floïd shaving products have the classic and soft Spanish scent.

For a wonderfully smooth result and perfect shaping of a beard, mustache or goatee there are several products available, including Floïd shaving foam and naturally Floïd shaving oil.

These fantastic products are widely used far beyond Spain. You do not need to visit Spain to enjoy these Floïd shaving products, because all products are provided by us from stock with an attractive discount.

If you have questions about Floïd shaving products or other products, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.


Floïd Aftershave Balsamo 125ml (Balm)

This special Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm) without alcohol is a special balm and perfect for use after shaving.  Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm) is absorbed within a short time by the skin and is not greasy. The special formula and extremely light texture prevent a sticky feeling on the skin. Has a cooling and soothing effect, but also contributes to proper hydration of the skin. The special formula contains special ingredients such as oil of tea, green tea extract and extracts of wheat germ.

Floïd Espuma de Afeitar 125ml (Shaving Foam)

A soft Floïd shaving foam with both a moisturizing and protective effect The rich foam has a moisturizing effect while shaving and provides a soft feeling. Of course with a soft Spanish scent and avialable  from stock.

Floïd Gel de Afeitar Precision 125ml (Shaving gel)

A unique product and perfect solution for shaving with maximum precision thanks to the transparent and non-foaming formula. With Floïd Gel Afeitar Precision (shaving gel)  you can see exactly which part of the skin should be shaved. An ideal product for shaping beards, goatees or sideburns. Of course Floïd Gel Afeitar Precision (shaving gel) gives a wonderful feeling of freshness and provides shaving with precision without irritation.

Floid Aceite de Afeitado Ultralubricante 50ml (Shaving Oil)

For perfect and precise shaving. Enjoy maximum adhesion to the skin, good lubrication and minimal irritation. To be used for almost any type of beard, especially for heavy beards and a sensitive skin. The special transparent formula of Floïd Aceite de Afeitado shaving oil provides complete visibility during shaving for extreme precision. To be used for a perfect look of beards, goatees and sideburns.