Floïd Aftershave Balsamo 125ml (Balm)

This special Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm) without alcohol is a special balm and perfect for use after shaving.  Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm) is absorbed within a short time by the skin and is not greasy. The special formula and extremely light texture prevent a sticky feeling on the skin. Has a cooling and soothing effect, but also contributes to proper hydration of the skin. The special formula contains special ingredients such as oil of tea, green tea extract and extracts of wheat germ.

Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm)


A unique product from Spain and naturally available from stock. This special balm doesn't contain alcohol and is very soft.

Floïd Aftershave Balsamo (balm) in a few words:

  • Is absorbed quickly
  • Is not greasy
  • Has a light texture
  • Offers a cooling effect
  • Provides a soothing effect
  • Moisturises skin.