Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra 150ml
A unique Floïd aftershave with alcohol. Creates a soothing effect on any irritation caused by shaving. To be used for hydration of  irritated skin, to close pores and to support the restoration of cuts produced during shaving. Provides a feeling of freshness and comfort. Cleanses the skin and keeps the skin soft. Of course with the famous new, modern and masculine fragrance

Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra


Since 1932 Floïd produces aftershaves using the most exclusive formulas.

This special Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra is also created with a very exclusive formula. The result is a trendy and fresh fragrance and a very caring effect.

This exclusive Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra has a very positive effect on the skin:

  • Soothes any irritation caused by shaving
  • Perfect to use for moisturising irritated areas and tighten pores
  • Provides a lovely feeling of freshness and comfort at the same time
  • Tones the skin and keeps it soft

This special edition  Floïd Aftershave Caja Negra comes in a bottle of glass with a capacity of 150ml and is available from stock.